About me

Hello! I’m Wassim Mansouri, a software engineer with a rich tapestry of experience spanning over ten years crushing software and producing bugs. I’m currently residing in the beautiful town of Sète, France, with my spouse and three children.

My career has been a vibrant journey through various facets of software development, trying ti ship software that brings value.

Not a log time ago, I’ve embarked on an exciting new chapter, diving into the world of Rust, the programming language and systems programming. This endeavor has been fueled by a passion for continuous learning and growth. While I may not claim the title of ‘master’, my dedication has led to a practical understanding, culminating in my current role as a freelance developer.

For a more detailed narrative of my professional path and a glimpse into the projects that have shaped my skills, I invite you to explore my resume. Whether you’re in search of a developer who bridges the gap between tried-and-true practices and modern technology, or simply interested in my journey, I welcome you to reach out (wassim at wassimans dot com).